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Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is synonymous with massive discounts, long queues, and the official kickoff of the holiday shopping season. While many products receive significant markdowns, one of the most sought-after categories is electronics, and within that, computer peripherals like mice.

Here are list of Mouse Black Friday deals 2023

  • Logitech – MX Master 3S for Mac Bluetooth Laser Mouse with Ultrafast Scrolling – Space Gray Was $99 Now $90 @ Best Buy
    Logitech – G PRO Lightweight Wireless Optical Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse with RGB Lighting – Black Was $81 Now $80 @ Best Buy
    Logitech – Lift Vertical Wireless Ergonomic Mouse with 4 Customizable Buttons – Graphite Was $66 Now $60 @ Best Buy
    Microsoft – Bluetooth Mobile BlueTrack Mouse 3600 – Black Was $29 Now $20 @ Best Buy

Why Mice Are a Black Friday Staple

Affordability: Black Friday deals make high-end mice, which might otherwise be out of reach for many due to their price, suddenly affordable. Brands often slash prices by 50% or more, making it the perfect time to grab that gaming or professional mouse you’ve had your eye on.

Gift Potential: With the holiday season around the corner, mice make for an excellent gift. Whether it’s for a gamer, a graphic designer, or someone starting their first job, there’s a mouse for everyone.

Upgrades & Replacements: Given the wear and tear mice undergo, Black Friday becomes an opportune moment for many to upgrade or replace their old mouse.

Popular Brands and What to Expect

Logitech: Known for its wide range of mice, from everyday use to professional gaming, Logitech often offers substantial discounts. Their MX series, particularly popular among professionals, and their G series, a hit among gamers, are usually on sale.

Razer: A favorite among the gaming community, Razer mice are known for their precision and customizable features. Black Friday often sees some of the brand’s best-selling models, like the DeathAdder and Naga, at heavily discounted prices.

Microsoft & Apple: While they might not be the first names that come to mind when thinking of mice, both tech giants have their offerings. Microsoft’s ergonomic mice and Apple’s Magic Mouse often see price cuts during Black Friday.

Tips for Shopping Mice on Black Friday

Research: Start by listing out the features you want in a mouse. DPI, type of sensor, wired or wireless, ergonomic design, and additional buttons are some factors to consider.

Set a Budget: While deals can be tempting, it’s easy to go overboard. Set a budget and try to stick to it.

Check Reviews: Before making a purchase, always check product reviews. They can provide insights into the mouse’s real-world performance.

Beware of Doorbusters: Some deals, known as doorbusters, are designed to lure customers into the store. These might be limited in quantity. So, if you’re eyeing a particular doorbuster deal, be prepared to queue up early or have multiple online stores open.

Price Match: Many stores offer price matching policies. If you find a mouse cheaper elsewhere, some retailers might match that price or even offer a better deal.

Consider Bundles: Sometimes, mice are bundled with other products, like keyboards or mousepads, at a discounted rate. If you’re in the market for multiple products, these bundles can offer excellent value.

The Online Shopping Surge

With the rise of e-commerce, many shoppers now prefer to snag their Black Friday deals online. Websites crash, products go out of stock in seconds, and the competition is fierce. However, the convenience of shopping from home and avoiding the in-store chaos makes it worth the effort for many.


Black Friday is a golden opportunity for shoppers to get their hands on premium mice at a fraction of their original price. Whether you’re a gamer, a professional, or someone looking for a functional mouse for everyday use, there’s something for everyone. With a bit of research, a set budget, and an eye on reviews, you can navigate the Black Friday sales like a pro and get the best bang for your buck.