10 Best Lenovo Miix 720 Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals

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If you’re trying to get Lenovo Miix 720 Black Friday Deals 2022, look no further. Here at Lenovo Miix 720, you may save money on these shopping expeditions because you have come to the proper location. If you want to get the finest deals, don’t miss this opportunity.

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Some of our best laptops and desktops have been selected for Black Friday to generate a variety of discounts, specials, and doorbuster bargains. You can get a better picture of what to expect by looking past the Black Friday offers.

Not only does the screen look great, but it also feels solid and makes a statement. Even the pen and keyboard are new. The Miix 720’s battery life is short.

Lenovo Miix 720 Black Friday 2022

Lenovo Miix 720 Black Friday


Lenovo has named the metal-alloy body of the Miix 720 “Iron Grey,” a dark greyish black. For use at a wide range of angles, the kickstand spins on stainless-metal watchband hinges that extend to 150 degrees.

However, even with Mixx’s detachable keyboard made of durable plastic and faux-textile and its adaptable hinges, the notebook computer lacks stability until it is used on a table. As expected, when I tried typing on the tablet while sitting on my own lap, it wasn’t very steady. Lenovo should be complimented, however, for the keyboard; Microsoft allows you to pay $159 for the privilege with the top Pro.

The 12-inch Miix 720 has a weight of 2.6 pounds and a thickness of 0.6 inches with its keyboard attached. Compared to the detachable Microsoft Exterior Pro (2.4 pounds, 0.33 inches), the 13-inch nontouch Dell XPS 13 (2.7 pounds, 0.6 inches) and the bend-back 13-inches HP Spectre x360 (2.9 pounds, 0.6 inches), this is heavier and thicker (2.85 pounds, 0.5 ins).

The Thunderbolt 3 port, USB 2.0 port, and headphone jack are all on the left side of the 2-in-1 Miix 720, while the USB 3.0 port, power button, and volume controls are all on the right. However, because it lacks USB-C and Thunderbolt, the top Pro is far less future-proof than this approach.

Along with the 150-level hinge, the Miix 720’s back houses an excellent 5-megapixel camera. For quick Windows Hello logins, a 0.9MP infrared webcam is located in the center of the display bezel.


The Miix 720’s bright, high-resolution display screen delivers photos that appear fantastic. A 12-inch, 2880 x 1920-pixel display on the tablet allowed me to wonder at the powerful pink color of a holographic brain, the sparkling green of flapping foliage, and the good yellowish that sunlight pours into an inside. I also noted the aged dirt on the mechanical dog’s limbs, as well as other small details.

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This Core i7 version is reviewed in the Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 720 review. It is recommended that you not buy the i7 model and instead use some of your money to purchase the i5 model. A cheaper model, such as the Acer switch is available, but the Core i5 version offers balanced performance in all areas.

This is why the Lenovo tablet must be strong enough to win any notebook competition. The Lenovo tablet also needs to have a longer battery life so it can compete with other notebook options.


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